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«Zeytun» healthy restaurant

«Zeytun» healthy restaurant

An entrepreneur interested in opening a restaurant specializing in healthy food approached our studio. The requirement was to develop a brand strategy, naming, brand style and interior design.

Based on made researches it could be foreseen that when meeting the idea of a first ever healthy food specializing restaurant in Turkmenistan it would have this «it’s for vegetarians or those who’re on a diet» stigma attached amongst majority of the public.

In order to break this stereotype our studio worked out a healthy lifestyle boosting strategy for the restaurant. Adjectives or add-on words were avoided while working on the naming. We came up with a name which was not indicating a direct bond with the restaurant but at the same time associated with healthy food. Hence, «Zeytun» («Olive») was chosen.

Logo for «Zeytun» was done as a typeface but client insisted on having a symbol on it.

On the base of a healthy lifestyle supporting brand strategy , we created a brand style that moves forward sports, promotes appealing and healthy food, consistent sleep regimen and a cleaner way of living.

Brand styles look attractive and appetizing on disposable food packagings and brand assets of a restaurant.

Taking the brand strategy as a base some straightforward interior design concepts were developed for «Zeytun». The main ideology was to express the lightness and cleanliness of the restaurant. In spite of the restaurant’s space being not too big in size it was suggested to use both existing doors, one of them being utilized as back door for the food disposal. A special place with hand-washing facilities were taken into account in the interior, as that would have enhanced the general healthy lifestyle ideology of the brand. However, despite precisely developed concepts client chose to withdraw from working on interior design with the studio.

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