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«Yupekchi» business enterprise

«Yupekchi» business enterprise

«Yupekchi» is the leading soft drinks manufacturer in Turkmenistan which has been engaged in it’s business for almost 20 years now. It produces variety of fruit juices, ice teas and soft drinks with its’ well known brands such as «Nazli», «Hoshal», «Yedigen». «Yupekchi» continues to work on developing new brands and various drinks to this date.

As «Yupekchi» has been cooperating with us for many years already, they approached our studio once again for renewing their brand identity. Studio developed a contemporary brand for a manufacturer who consistently continues to improve the quality and appearance of the products.

Brand guidelines were also prepared with instructions on how to correctly use the brand style in order to retain its individuality.

Renewed logo took its worthy place amongst «Yupekchi»’s production.

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