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«Yunus» dried fruits

«Yunus» dried fruits

«Yunus» dried fruits

With increasing demand for it’s goods «Yunus» enterprise sets a plan of expanding the production with new lines of dried fruits and snacks. On this occasion our studio is requested to create the package design for the first production of pumpkin seeds, peanuts and roasted corn in Turkmenistan. As it usually goes with «Yunus» brand we put the brand name and slogan on the same place on packaging. It helps the production to stay recognizable as a brand.

Combination of green and orange colours with white background is applied for pumpkin seeds packages. By taking into account the peculiar shape of pumpkin seeds we drew the illustrations of seeds and the pumpkin vegetable itself. In order to balance out and enrich the package design studio placed drawn green pumpkin leaves as a pattern in this case.

As roasted corns are being produced in Turkmenistan for the first time in order to introduce the product the studio decided to place the photo images of goods on the package.

To emphasize the yellowish roasted corn we used deep green background on design. Corn patterns enrich and add individuality to the packaging.

«Yunus» dried fruits are available in all markets throughout the country. They have an appealing and catchy look placed on «Yunus» branded stands.

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