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«Yunus» sunflower seeds (classic)

«Yunus» sunflower seeds (classic)

Our studio also manages package printing process of Yunus seeds from preparation of print files to quality check of printed packages. Colors are focused to be right and saturated.

Before starting the sunflower seeds production the «Altyn Yunus» enterprise approached our studio applying for a package design and developing a brand strategy for them. Studio does overseas and local market analysis and develops a new strategy for brand new «Yunus» products to make them distinctive amongst existing competitors. Based on the developed strategy owning a motto will ensure a successful branding. Ergo, the first strategic motto «More fun with Yunus» is created in the studio. The motto asserts that conversations, entertainments, recreations, holidays and journeys – times when seeds are mostly consumed are fun with Yunus products.

The first series of the package are considered to come as classic series. Packages with black and purple backgrounds are brought forward with effortless design style using photos of sunflower seeds placed on them.

After successfully launching the production «Yunus» sunflower seeds quickly found their consumers on the market.

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