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«Yunus» sunflower seeds (travel)

«Yunus» sunflower seeds (travel)

«Ýunus» çigitler (syýahat)

Following the sales of «Yunus» sunflower seeds with classic package look it was decided to create a new package design, which would suit the brand strategy. This decision helped to reinforce the existing strategy and increased the assortment of «Yunus» sunflower seeds on supermarket shelves.

For a travel themed edition brighter colors were used, distinct from the classic package version. Edgy red and blue color contrasts were applied to put forward the brand name. Travel themed drawn illustrations were taken from the historical places of Turkmenistan.

Also, our studio undertook the supervision of printing process; to make sure the right colors and materials were being used for «Yunus» sunflower seeds. Shortly, travel themed «Yunus» sunflower seeds had hit the different stores across the country.

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