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«Altyn Yunus» rebranding

«Altyn Yunus» rebranding

Altyn Ýunus is the manufacturer and the importer of the many goods and services. Over the course of time, as the company expands its areas to export goods to abroad, they required from us to rebrand their identity. As they are going through the process of rebranding, they also wanted to drop the word Altyn, in the company’s name.

Yunus Altyn-yunus

After quite a while we thought on the matter, we decided on evolutionizing the identity, instead of revolutionizing it. Therefore, it won't lose its familiarity to customers. We kept the dolphin from the old logo and put it together with the wordmark of the company’s biggest brand Ýunus. 
Together they created the corporate logo. The icon dolphin can be used separately for corporate identity, but the wordmark when used separately represents the brand, not the corporate identity.

In logo exploration we came up with a lot of ideas, but patiently waited for the one that feels right. Finally, we found the one not from so far. The existing logo of the company’s most popular brand worked so well in collaboration with the stylistically simplified icon, since we dropped the word Altyn in the name. We agreed this was the solution.

One of the elements we tried to keep from the old identity is the color red. Although, we changed its tone, and gave it a more contemporary and energetic feel. In the new identity, the tails of the dolphin plays the main role through the whole graphic system. It gives the company a bold and positive view.

In order to prevent the identity system from any misuse that may occur, we have made a guidebook that demonstrates the correct usage of the identity system.

To enhance the company’s bold, positive and energetic attitudes we chose typefaces that have those characteristics. When it comes to the color palette, red was to be our primary color for sure, for it had been embodied with the corporation, already. Therefore, we stayed with red, but changed it a little to the degree that we can call it “Ýunus red”, and we added other primary and secondary colors that work in harmony with our red.

Today, we are happy to see that the new identity of Ýunus has started working in the real life. Now it looks more open, energetic and high in class.

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