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«Yunus» sugarfree gums (blister-pack)

«Yunus» sugarfree gums (blister-pack)

The “Yunus” brand set the task of pioneering the production of pillow shaped blister-pack chewing gums in Turkmenistan. Our studio was approached to create the package design for the product.

There are 5 flavours in total: watermelon, mint, strawberry-banana, eucalyptus and spearmint. The combination of color outbursts and gradients were used in order to characterize the bold flavors of these chewing gums.

These gradient outbursts create a specific style for sugarfree pillow-shaped gums. Effortless pattern is used as a background theme.

The brand logo is used on the back of the blister pack.

Images of pillow-shaped chewing gums are shown on product boxes and each flavour differentiates with an according bright colour.

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