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«Turkmen Senagat» brand identity

«Turkmen Senagat» brand identity

Turkmen Senagat is one of the largest individual enterprises, which is engaged in the production of various plastic pipes. We built a contemporary and memorable brand identity for Turkmen Senagat.

Deceivingly simple logo is composed of «T» and «S» letters with 3D effect of the «T» letter. This represents the detailed labour of the enterprise. Wordmark was characterized from logo’s large-sized letters and diagonal snippets.

Striking orange and deep blue colours result in a contrasting brand style of the enterprise.

Based on the look of the logo we drew the pattern for brand assets hinting on the shapes of the pipes.

For photographic images sharp orange colour is used as an overlay.

Brand guidelines of the enterprise demonstrate the allowed colour combinations and advised writing style (font) of the brand.

We also created a catalogue for «Turkmen Senagat» containing detailed information about pipe production in line with brand style of the enterprise.

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