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«Sarpa» drinks

«Sarpa» drinks

A client interested in the manufacture of various types of beverage production came to our office. The requirement was to create a logo, packaging design and shape for 330ml and 500ml sized plastic bottles of «Sarpa» named brand.

Easily readable typeface for brand name was drawn in wave shaped letters reminiscing the water. The placement of background colour behind the logo aids it not to be lost on the plastic packaging while red colour makes a sharp contrast in this combination.

Various analyses were carried out for bottles intended for beverage production. Physical characteristics of plastic bottles were learnt during the research process. Aesthetic look and comfortable grip was taken into account while designing the bottle shape.

As a result, 2 types of bottle shapes and 2 types of package designs were chosen for plain water bottles. Flavoured water has 2 different bottle shapes with 3 types of package designs. Ice tea bottles have 1 shape and 2 versions of packagings. Vitamin drinks have 1 bottle shape and 2 package design versions and for sports drinks 1 bottle shape and 3 versions of package designs were chosen.

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