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«Sap» cleaning agent

«Sap» cleaning agent

A manufacturer planning to produce cleaning agents expresses his request to work with the studio. The manufacturer offers some brand name proposals to us. The studio says that among all options, «Sap» was an appropriate name for cleaning agents. So, the name of the brand was chosen.

For creating a brand identity, our studio takes into account the challenge of placing design on package materials such as plastic, cellophane, polyethylene, paper or paperboard. Based on this, the hygiene symbolizing logo takes shape of a crystal hexagon.

A logo with light blue gleaming crystal piece and sap wording on it is pleasing and easy to use. It puts the brand identity forward.

Based on hexagon crystal logo shape the brand pattern is created. It perfectly matches the logo reflecting a clean tone of the brand. The brand tones are developed from dark blue, light blue, white and yellow colors.

The client, pleased with the created brand identity and logo, asks us to undertake a package design of the products. The studio gets into analysis of local cleaning agents market. A precise package design concept is developed for Sap products.

As intended initially, brand identity of Sap should put the trademark forward with its pureness and accuracy. Considering the results of the brand identity and analysis, the studio starts developing package designs that will be distinguished from local cleaning agents.

However, after many works were completed, the customer comes with an unexpected requirement. He wants his goods to resemble other products and be inconspicuous on shelves. The studio tries to explain that there is no sense between creating a brand and his request. Consequently, the customer cuts the relation with the studio. And the project freezes.

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