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«Ashgabat 2017» pictograms

«Ashgabat 2017» pictograms

Pictograms are designed in sports events each to symbolize a sports branch. They play significant role in the brand look. They are used on scoreboards, on websites, on buildings, on tickets and on many other stuff that related to the sports event. Our studio designed a unique pictogram system for Ashgabat 2017.

When we were observing the other pictogram systems that were designed for the other sports events before, we came to a conclusion that the biggest challenging part of this task was to create designs which didn’t look like the ones that were made before.

Our solution was to design the pictograms in the similar style to the brand look. So, we produced entirely new pictograms from «Goçak» and «Dagdan» motives from the brand look. At the same time, we focused on their coherence.

Furthermore, the wayfindings, the room signs and all the other signs that were to be used inside and outside the complex were produced in the same graphic style.

The Operator of Ashgabat 2017 Trivandi Chanzo Limited commented on the contemporary and distinctive pictograms we designed as being «the best pictograms created in the history of all games.»

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