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«Messan» pasta

«Messan» pasta

«Messan» pasta

We were approached by «Asman we zemin» individual enterprise interested in the manufacture of pasta production. The enterprise’s request was to create the naming and package design for the products.

After going through naming analyses, studio prepared for a client a comprehensive presentation with various naming proposals, explaining their distinctive features and individual interpretations. Consequently, a soft sounding name «Messan» was chosen reminiscing the softness of their pasta products.

We carried out a thorough market research both locally and internationally for the package design. Inconstant demand towards pasta in Turkmenistan helped us to work out a particular strategy for this concept.

We created a simple concept with a single colour which brings forward the product. A little transparent «window» on the package was considered to show the type of pasta inside.

For the back of the package were drawn attractive illustrations with cooking instructions next to them.

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