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«Hoshal» fruit juices

«Hoshal» fruit juices

«Hoşal» fruit juices are the product of the «Yupekçi» business enterprise. In order to boost the sales growth by improving the product quality «Yupekçi» decided to step up the game on the package design as well. Along with changes of the package shape the studio started working on creating a new concept for fruit juices.

As it commonly goes in cases of local production the studio works on simplifying and making lighter the overloaded graphics of the package design. First step was to make the brand logo easily readable.

For package design «packed-with-fruits» concept has been prepared. It portrays the frut juices’ high quality.

The purpose of the «packed-with-fruits» concept is meant to reflect the name and the niceness of the fruit juice «Hoşal», as the brand name means «nice». Distinctive features are tried with the aim of leaving a lighthearted impression. With that in mind, smile reminiscing slice of fruit is placed amongst whole fruits on the package.

Deep blue colour is being used throughout all flavours on the packages. It brings forward the design concept and makes «Hoşal» recognizable as a brand.

Now «Hoşal»’s new packages are proudly beaming from supermarket shelves making consumers smile back with it’s quality.

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