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«Ashgabat 2018» World championships

«Ashgabat 2018» World championships

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«Ashgabat 2018» World championships

In 2017 Ashgabat hosted 5th Asian Olympic games, and in the following year the city of Ashgabat was again, honored to host another worldwide event IWF World Championships. The championship took place between 1-10 November, and was given the name Ashgabat 2018

Regarding of our works on Ashgabat 2017’s brand look, also on many other international events Sports Federation of Weightlifting of Turkmenistan have decided to trust our studio on the important task of creating a remarkable brand look for Ashgabat 2018.

We designed various logo variations that can appropriately represent Ashgabat 2018. When we presented them to the concerning committee, they chose the one that is inspired of our national flag, and has abstract illustrations of a weightlifting athlete. Along with the symbolic icon, the wordmark was decided, which is harmonious to the icon and well carries the dynamic spirit of IWF World Championships.

The goal on the brand look of the championship was to form an appearance that makes everyone feel the energy, the strength and the bravery involved in this game. That being essence our design, we drew illustrations of athletes that showcase the significance of the game.

The brand look also had to include elements from our rich culture. So that, its distinction won't fade away for a very long time. For that reason, we adapted patterns and color combinations from our magnificent rugs that only belong to our nation.

In the design concept, along with athletes illustrations and rug patterns we added geometric patterns to extend its dynamism. Also, we prepared the spaces for the headlines and the logo to be positioned.

The illustrations can expand from athlete figures to buildings to be used in proper places. It helps to richen the brand look, and stays in the same graphic system.

The Olympic Complex, the buildings where events took place and the common public places in the city were decorated with the brand look graphics in small and bigger sizes.

We prepared the wayfinding system that fits to the graphic style in the sports complex.

The wayfinding system was to help the athletes, the guests and the media staff to find their way around.

The main stage, where athletes compete with passion, where fans enjoy every minute, where the brand look is most seen. The stage was broadcast live to the world for 10 days. It was to be designed as the most spectacular spot of Ashgabat 2018, so it was, in high international standards.


Not only the main stage, but also the training hall and the media interview spots were fully decorated in a way that keeps the event’s atmosphere high.

While designing the uniforms for the organizing staff and the volunteers we considered their functions. When the staff moved around the main stage they were not to invite much attention, so to make them less recognizable we designed their uniforms in blue. In contrary, the volunteers needed to be more recognizable in and around the complex, so we designed their uniforms in orange.

It was a highly gratifying experience for us, and we were glad when the representatives of The International Weightlifting Federation and some other international sports federations stated that they were impressed by our works on Ashgabat 2018 World Championships.  

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